Friendly. Random. Chat.

Create an account and chat right away with interesting people

MelanChat is made with human connection and
conversation in mind

No seedy people!
Talk to folks who want to
have meaningful conversations

Community driven:
feature available based on
how trusted an user is

Set the privacy level you
feel confortable with.
Safe, anonymous and ad free

Ultra fancy algorithms
make the chat matches.
Random, but in an interesting way

Feeling uninspired?
Let the app create your profile,
or suggest what to say

Send text, image & audio messages.
Choose to take part in
novel chat experiments

Full of watermelons!

This is how it works:

New users randomized account needs Karma to access
features and tools. Karma is earned by making
great conversations, and being a good user.

Creeps get weeded out; interesting folks get more visibility
Whenever you feel like chatting, the system matches
you with a random user- and vice versa,
ensuring no one gets ignored.

You decide what to share and who to share it with
Want to take a break, or delete your account forever?
No worries, your personal data will never be used
for spam, harvesting or any shady dealings.

Reactivate your account whenever you want
MelanChat helps you talk, interact with people and form real friendships --
without fear of the dreaded ASL questions or getting stalked
MelanChat is not affiliated with Google, Facebook, etc; nor does it track or spy on you.
It is also not a dating website either. Why upload duck-face pictures when you can talk about
dancing plagues of the 16th century?
Lastly, did I mention that watermelons are everywhere?
It can't get better (or healthier) than this